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The Bread Lovers

there are bread bakery that you can see they love bread, they handle the bread in holy spirit as it is saint so it will be fresh and good looking and tasty when you take it. unfortunately there are some others that just want to sell bread. i love people that do their job seriously. if you visit israel one day and you come to the town of Ashdod i recommend you ask for Dahary Pita breads specially in Friday you can take home pita bread that come fantastic with humus.
it seems that we took those products from others in the middle east but i think we are the best. also in the industrial area alonushka. you know we have here people from many counties and cultures in the world so you can't find so many types of bread as you find here. lately the prices has gone up but it seems that no body care. we have some brand names here in Israel like Tushia bread, Ereez bread, they are located in Tel-Aviv or maybe in some other major cities.

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