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Preparation and Presentation of Gourmet Bread
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Gourmet bread is said to be a bread of high quality. In this case, the word Gourmet was used as an adjective but in fact, a Gourmet is said to be a person with a high level of distinction in taste as well as a connoisseur of fine food and drinks. Usually, when we say Gourmet food, it will mean that the chef took special measures to cook the food as well as observe the art of food preparation.

Basically, the adjective gourmet is used loosely such that if anyone says he has prepared a gourmet food, it means that he has made or prepared the food in a special way; almost to near perfection with respect to his tastes. Any bread recipe available can be used to bake a bread but when we say Gourmet bread, we talk of two things; either it was baked using a special recipe or with flavorful ingredients or it was prepared under the standards of culinary arts. The bread, being a Gourmet, raises it up a level relative to the taste or presentation so when you have a Gourmet food recipe, you have to be sure, not to only follow the baking or cooking instructions but also follow the instructions for the food presentation.

There are various online recipe websites that offer Gourmet food recipes. Food enthusiasts will be able to learn cuisine cooked ala Gourmet by famous chefs. They must also learn how the food is prepared: its composition and presentation. Bread baked Gourmet style is usually sprinkled with cheese, tomatoes, asparagus sticks, and cold cuts. In fact, you will easily distinguish a Gourmet preparation from a simple food preparation and presentation, which are very important aspect for Gourmet foods. Gourmet styles of preparation can only be seen in fine dining restaurants and hotels. In these places, Gourmet bread is on its own, already a feast to diners eyes.

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