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Origins of the Bread Pudding Recipe
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The original bread pudding recipe comes from the need to reclaim stale bread and make it eatable again. This was a necessity for the poor living in the twelve hundreds. They could not afford to let any scrape be thrown out; all must be eaten. During that time it was made by putting the bread into milk, or sometimes water, then adding to this sugar, butter, a little fruit and maybe some spicing. When it was mixed the way it the woman wanted it was then baked. If a whole loaf had gone stale then the loaf was opened up and the mixture poured inside it before it was baked. This bread pudding later became a staple of Christmas fare though that was not until several centuries later.

Despite the fact that this dish was made specifically to reclaim bread that would otherwise be wasted the thing that made this bread pudding recipe special was how the women of the day were able to take a piece of old food and turn it from something that was potentially wasted into a tasty desert treat. Just simply soaking the bread would not do that but by the addition of the butter and the fruit it gave it a fuller taste. The fruit gave it that sweet taste that made it something everyone could enjoy. How often were children given bread pudding in poor households when there was nothing else to eat and yet they thought it was cause for a celebration because of the sweet taste and the fact that it filled their little tummies?

Nowadays bread pudding is made because people enjoy it not because they are afraid to go hungry. It is usually made by cutting a favorite loaf, most often French or Italian bread, into cubes. They are then added to a mixture of raisins, butter and custard which is then poured into a baking dish and then baked with water filling the rest of the pan. This is done to make sure it all heats at the same time. This precaution is taken to prevent the custard from heating to fast and so curdling. There are other things that can now be used to make a tastier pudding and so finding a good bread pudding recipe is a must if you want to try to make this sweet treat.

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