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Finding a Bread Machine Cook Book
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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For those people own a bread machine, it is a good idea to purchase a bread machine cook book to learn how to make the many types of bread available to try. The fact is that many bread machines will come with a small cook book that will explain, both with instructions and recipes, how to use the machine to make a small variety of loaves of bread. But usually this will be the basic types of bread. The ones that leave nothing to the imagination like white bread, whole wheat, whole grain and perhaps rye bread. But what about the ones that are more interesting? How do you learn how to make them?

Simple, buy yourself a good bread machine cook book. This can be done by buying online or going to a book store and seeing what they have. The advantage in buying from a book store is that you get a chance to look through the book before you buy it. You can see what recipes it has in it and decide if they appeal to you. If not, it is off to look at the other books on the shelf until you find the one that has the kinds of recipes you are looking for.

Online books store are all right for murder mysteries or fairy tales for your children but if you can only read a review of the book and see that someone, other than you, thinks it was great that does not tell you what is in the bread machine cook book. How will you know if there is a recipe for the raisin bread you wanted to try? What about the banana bread your daughter asked for or the cheese bread your husband wanted to try to make in the new bread machine? These cannot be found by reading reviews of a cook book. If you cannot get to a bookstore the other alternative is to try to find recipes online. You can use these to make your own cook book for your bread machine.

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