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Brazilian Cheese Bread
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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All too often there are foods that a person enjoys but is unable to eat because of dietary restrictions or health problems. Brazilian cheese bread helps those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy bread eat it and not feel unwell because of their food choices. This is because this delightful bread treat is wheat and gluten free. On top of that it is also sugar free and low in carbohydrates. This makes this choice great for those with celiac disease or diabetes as well as those who are on a low carbohydrate diet. Though people who choose to eat this cheese loaf need not only be people who are on restricted diets. Everyone can enjoy it!

Brazilian cheese bread comes in several different flavors. To begin with there is the basic plain loaf. This is made using both parmesan and romano cheeses. But this is not the only kind of cheese loaf that can be bought. There is a loaf available that is flavored with garlic which takes away from the plain cheese taste without being too overpowering. If on the other hand you like spices there is a chili cheese loaf that is made with crushed red peppers. Finally for someone who wants something just a little different the cheese in combined with olive paste to make an olive cheese loaf.

These breads are made solely, before adding the different flavorings, from tapioca flour, eggs, corn oil, salt and the two cheeses. It is a very easy recipe that has made this a tasty healthy treat. There is a company in the United States that specializes in making this bread and providing it to the consumer through supermarkets as well as online. They have also made pizza dough using the same basic recipe to help those on special diets have a little more variety on what they are able to eat. This Brazilian cheese bread is quickly gaining in popularity both for the diets issues it deals with as well as for its great taste.

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